The 14 classic novels of pioneering lesbian feminist writer
                                            SARAH ALDRIDGE

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A&M Books is set to share the legacy 
of its founder Anyda Marchant


Now  available:  all 14 of the groundbreaking Sarah Aldridge novels. From The Latecomer (1974) through O, Mistress Mine (2003) .


Including the NEW 35th Anniversary Edition of Aldridge's seminal  first novel THE LATECOMER.

The Aldridge novels are $15 each, three for $40 and a complete set of 14 for $180. Shipping and handling is $2 per book or $25 for the entire set

the books will now be available by ordering  through
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A&M Books
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Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971


“The Aldridge novels combined rich historical detail, and romance, “ says Jacobs,  “along with the fight, in every single book, for strong women to overcome the barriers placed on their careers and relationships by 19th and 20th century society,” says Fay Jacobs, A&M Books publisher.


Jacobs notes that many of today’s best selling feminist writers talk of their introduction to lesbian fiction though the Sarah Aldridge books. A&M Books still receives dozens of inquiries a month from young authors and readers who want meet the willful and passionate women created by Marchant at a time when little else in literature reflected a positive view of lesbian feminists and their relationships.


“A&M Books is going to concentrate on sharing Anyda Marchant’s legacy by keeping the Sarah Aldridge books available, “says Jacobs “and making certain that we support independent booksellers and feminist writers. That was Anyda’s passion.”


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The Sarah Aldridge Novels (now available exclusively from A&M Books) $15 each

The Latecomer 35th Anniversary edition - TThe original ground-breaking novel, and its legacy shared by writers, musicians, activists and friends. Contributions from Diane Anderson-Minshall, Ann Bannon, Jinx Beers, Kate Clinton, Stefani Deoul, Katherine Forrest, Anna Furtado, Jewelle Gomez , Ellen Hart, Karin Kallmaker, Lee Lynch, 
KG MacGregor, Holly Near, Leslea Newman, Bonnie Quesenberry , Radclyffe, JM Redmann, Carol Seajay, Ann Allen Shockley, Cris Williamson & MJ Wood.

The novel tells the tale of Philippa, returning by ship from Europe, who finds her life unexpectedly changed by the woman who shares her cabin – an entertainer whose career contrasts vividly with Philippa’s own existence. The two unlikely shipmates find themselves embroiled in a situation of intrigue and increasing tensions...and more intimate concerns.

Tottie Amid the turmoil of the ‘60’s, Connie, a young lawyer encounters the invisible obstacles that stand in the way of women in her profession. Engaged to be married, things change when she meets Tottie, a runaway from a Conservative family who joins the rebellious underground. 

Cytherea’s Breath Emma, struggling to establish herself as a physician in turn of the century Baltimore, wins the love and support of Margaret, a wealthy patron. 

All True Lovers In 1930’s Washington, DC, teenagers Laura and Isabel meet and find that their love for each other helps them discover their true identity as assists their growth into maturity. 

The Nesting Place Sabina, a physician, learns to overcome the personal havoc wrought by early tragedies, through the love of two very different women, Claire and Letty. 


Madame Aurora Civil War nurse and teacher Hannah uses her psychic powers to create a comfortable home for her lifelong companion Elizabeth – a scholar who suffered the indignities heaped on women in academia in the late 19th century.


Misfortune’s Friend Set in London and Baltimore just before World War II, Althea, crippled by childhood polio finds love and companionship with Fern. Mrs. Henshaw, who assists the unfortunate, helps the pair, and learns through them that she must correct a mistake from the past. 

Magdalena Opera star Magdalena discovers that her love for May transcends her own ambition. This is a story of lifelong passion that lasts beyond the grave. 

Keep To Me Stranger Set in the Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art in the 1950’s McCarthy Era, Clemence learns about herself and through Elissa, learns what it means to be gay. Helena sets out to succeed in the business world of 1980’s New York City. She finds herself and her true love Billie in the heart of a Jewish merchant dynasty.  

A Flight of Angels Set in the Washington DC’s National Gallery of Art in the 1950’s McCarthy Era, Clemence learns about herself and through Elissa, learns what it means to be gay. 

Michaela Laura and Julie are in France , where Laura is recuperating from the trauma of caring for her husband, who has died of AIDS. They meet Michaela, a penniless girl with a passion to be a dancer. Befriending her, they are swept into a dangerous situation  in New York City and Virginia , along with the romantic country of France

Amantha An innocent 18 year old in 1885 Baltimore, Amantha meets and marries a financier twice her age, who takes her live in Paris and care for his child. In the midst of her constricting life of privilege she finds a woman who gives her the love her heart seeks. 

Nina in the Wilderness
Nina, age 17 is the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon that kills both her parents. Annie, a successful businesswoman and daughter of two famous people in the arts world struggles with her own response to what Nina has come to mean to her as she tries to resolve a situation that threatens her father’s reputation. $12 (Hardcover $18).

O, Mistress Mine -The final Sarah Aldridge novel
 A staid, traditional college is pulled into the maelstrom of contemporary social issues when Professor Joan Etheridge is drawn into the nebulous world of the elusive
Alice . Joan’s empathy for the seemingly lost and troubled Alice , surprising even to herself, leads her on an unexpected and life-changing journey.